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ArcticMitts™ Premium Thermo Gloves

ArcticMitts™ Premium Thermo Gloves

 7984 Reviews

🛠️ Fits in tight spaces

🔩 Removes stuck bolts

👊 Saves your knuckles



ArcticMitts™  Premium Thermo Gloves

ArcticMitts™ Premium Thermo Gloves

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Product Description

With the Arcticz™ Premium Thermo Gloves you will experience ultimate protection and comfort in fall and winter. Whether cycling, jogging, hiking or in everyday life, they guarantee warm, dry and slip-free hands and allow smartphone operation with thumb and index finger thanks to conductive material.

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    " I am very impressed with the quality of the wrench. Having all of the adaptor options will make this a very versatile tool. Perfect for getting into tight hard to reach spaces. I would recommend to anyone who is a fix it yourself just to have on hand"

    Trevor Dejesus
  • Share positive thoughts and feedback from your customer.

  • Share positive thoughts and feedback from your customer.

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    Tough Situations Just Got A Heck Of A Lot Easier

    Stuck bolts, tight spaces, busted knuckles - painful and time-consuming tasks

    Impact anywhere is now possible - Reach those impossible places with your impact gun or a wrench.

    No more stuck bolts in tight areas where you just know that a little bit of impact would do the trick!

    Your knuckle saver - We know the pain... especialy when wrench slips in a cold shop🥶🤬 Invest in your future, professional tool is always better than a broken hand.

    More swing on the wrench with more than just half a degree of swing


    Each extension goes through numerous durability and quality tests. Made from heavy-duty aluminum and built to withstand heavy use over time & backed by our 2-year warranty



      Game changer



      Worked amazing on rusty bolt!



      Highly recommend

    • ★★★★★

      Impressed with the quality

      Perfect for getting into tight hard to reach spaces.

      Trevor Dejesus

    • ★★★★★

      Wow. My knuckles thank you.

      I own and work on an older Mini Cooper. You have never experienced a tighter engine compartment. Some bolt locations I can barely get my hand and arm to much less a ratchet or wrench. This extension was made for just these type of situations. Easy to use with the included adapters to fit a variety of sockets and drivers. The tray it comes with fits great in my cabinet and keeps everything organized. You will find a use for it.

      Jaxen Cleveland

    • ★★★★★

      Heavy duty, works great

      Worked great! Needed this for a hard to reach spot on a specific project. Heavy duty, well made product! Great price and easy to use. Glad I found exactly what I needed.

      Michael Craig



      Lesson learned...


      We are 100% convinced of our product! That's why we give you a 30 day money back guarantee & fast & simple return policy for your peace of mind.

      Got questions? We have the answers!


      How much torque can SpeedPro handle?

      Max Torque is limited to 73ft/lb (100Nm) for extremely high torque applications, we recommend loosening the bolt with a standard wrench before using the ProSpeed for the best results.


      Is it suitable with powertools?

      Yes, ProSpeed can be used with battery-powered ratchets. However, to ensure longevity and safety, it's important to use it within the recommended torque limits witch maximum (100Nm)


      How durable it is?

      SpeedPro is crafted from stainless steel  and is designed to withstand the demands of both professional and home use.